Family Resource Center Specialist


Rising Ground 

Founded as an orphanage in 1831, Rising Ground has been at the forefront of evolving community needs. Driven by the belief that each of us can thrive when life has hope and opportunity, Rising Ground provides caring support and proven paths to positive change, helping children, adults, and families rise above adversity, and each year, Rising Ground is a positive force in the lives of more than 25,000 individuals. We do this through 50 programs in 70 locations throughout New York City and Westchester. Our strong belief and commitment to diversity shows not just through our work with supported persons but is integral to the building of a strong staff that reflects the communities we serve. Rising Ground is headquartered in downtown Brooklyn. 

Family Resource Center Specialists help Bronx-based families, with a focus on the Soundview community, access a multitude of preventive, wellness, therapeutic, and educational services and other beneficial supports that promote positive outcomes and wellbeing. Under the supervision of the Director of Community Programs, the FRC Specialists help develop and facilitate services, partners with which to collaborate; handle administrative responsibilities for the program, including internal and external reporting.

  • Recruits and maintains relationships with families for the FRC (Family Resource Center)
  • Develops relationships with community partners to host or co-host events, classes, workshops and other services beneficial to the community members
  • Creates and helps facilitate calendar of appropriate programming and community events to benefit families and meet FRC goals and OCFS mandates
  • Conducts active outreach in the community and participates in all outreach events and monthly community partner meetings – including Advisory boards, committees, conferences, – to share resources, collaborate in service delivery and hosting of events and enhance outreach efforts
  • Inputs and manages client data entries to databases to track programming and client services for OCFS reporting purposes and internal use
  • Prepares quarterly reports for funding source(s), any required documentation and reports for the Rising Ground Inc., as appropriate
  • Coordinates within Rising Ground programs to offer resources to FRC families, make/receive referrals and to collaborate regarding programming and events
  • Answers FRC calls and respond to inquiries
  • Performs regular outreach responsibilities including visiting community-based organizations, schools, libraries, day camps, etc
  • Plans and co-facilitates parenting classes and workshops to meet funder targets, including outreaching and consulting with other programs and community partners to identify parents to participate in the appropriate classes
  • Selects and orders necessary program supplies and client items following internal channels in advance of programming
  • Conducts client Intakes, surveys and prepares client attendance lists, resources and any necessary documentation prior to programming
  • Works collaboratively with Co-FRC Specialist to expand resource base for families
  • Monitors funding requirements and works to successfully achieve all performance targets set forth by OCFS with direct support from Director of Community Programs
  • Attends weekly FRC staff meetings and other schedules Rising Ground meetings and events
  • Continuously cultivates and maintains relationships with community partners, local agencies, organizations, and relevant businesses
  • Ensures that the overall physical environments in which programming takes place is appropriately set up for programing, events and meetings, including direct supervision
  • Ensures that the FRC is in compliance with Rising Ground policies & procedures
  • Coordinates with FRC Fiscal and Contract managers regarding budget allocations for programming and services; purchasing of program supplies, equipment and other necessary items
  • Ensures that the program adheres to the Family Resource Center model
  • Is available to be trained in Parenting Curricula – not limited to Parenting Journey 1 – to better meet the needs of families
  • Coordinates and co-facilitates Anger Management classes, including identifying participants, outreaching internally and externally and communicating with referral sources
  • Facilitates or co-facilitates other parenting classes to meet funder requirements
  • Additional duties as assigned by Rising Ground
  • Associate or bachelor’s degree in social service-related area, preferred
  • High School Diploma or GED required.
  • Minimum of 2 years experience with family advocacy, outreach and or early childhood preferred.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Excellent oral and writing skills and communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills and possessing Initiative
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) required
  • Weekend and weeknight availability, as needed, to participate in FRC programs and outreach

Annual Salary $50,000

Benefits: At Rising Ground, we encourage everyone to live a healthier life. When you enroll in health care benefits — medical, dental, and vision care, you and your family can take advantage of each plan’s preventive services, which will help everyone to stay well. Another way to remain healthy is to eat right and keep active. Ultimately, we all benefit when we make the right choices, whether through diet and exercise or health care services. You can also take advantage of other important benefits, including life and accident, disability benefits, the retirement savings plan, and the employee assistance program.


Salary or Hourly Rate